Untitled Conversation

We’ve been together since the beginning. At first I denied your existence. My voice monotone, my emotions flatlined. Except I go 0 - 100 in 0.2 seconds. That’s you; kickstarting my blood pressure up as if punted by Superman. I don’t thank you for that. It is what it is. You do what you do; … Continue reading Untitled Conversation

Where We Are

Think about where you are. How did you get there? Which choices did you make to arrive at this point in your life? What about external forces; how did you navigate them? How have you survived? What are you surviving?

The Easy Way

When taking the easy way, we place our goals and dreams high up where we cannot reach them. There are stools and ladders, tools, that can help us go higher. But who has time to search for them? It is easier to walk away, hurting our necks by looking behind us at our dream, until … Continue reading The Easy Way

Gratitude in the Baltimore Sun

Greetings and salutations! I'm one of 5 local residents profiled in this article from the Baltimore Sun. This is a feature on gratitude for the Thanksgiving holiday issue. In it, I get to share some of the inspiration behind my book, Gratitude: Baltimore. Read it below: https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-gratitude-20191127-6efb443dnnd7fcl6etn5ivjkkq-story.html

New Story: “Quarter-hour Rhythm”

"I'm in line for a chicken sandwich. The cashier says there's a fifteen-minute wait for spicy. Do I stay, swallowing down stomach rumbles? Or do I go and later regret my lack of fortitude?" Read the rest on Patreon or Medium.

Random Generated Zine Workshop!

Greetings and salutations! I'm facilitating another zine making workshop, this time at Greedy Reads bookstore in Baltimore. I'm partnering with Moonlit DC to provide a zine making workshop with a twist. Participants will pick prompts from a hat, and use that to create their zine. The event is happening on the evening of September 5th. … Continue reading Random Generated Zine Workshop!

I’m A Kimbilio Fellow!

I'm a Kimbilio Fellow! What does that mean? Find out.