Blind Side

i need a new lefttackle–depression just sackedme from my blind side Copyright 2012A. J. HayesGive a poet a pen 

Hey Diddle Diddle

At night, Cat plays his fiddleOn the boardwalk in hopesTourists toss dollars or changeInto his opened fiddle case.He promises himself he’ll useThe money to pay his rent;Internally he knowsHe’ll blow it on a catnip fix. Cow jumps over the moon,In one bound, much to her trainer’sDelight. She moos seductivelyWhen she lands, knowing she’ll get milkedExtra … Continue reading Hey Diddle Diddle

The Gods Must Be Crazy

My insanity is not nearly as profitableAs being eccentric. It’s more the kind of crazyThat gives people pause,Have them back away, slowly,As if confronted by a growling tiger. My insanity is like railroad spikesHammered through all five stagesOf my consciousness, attachingMe to bed. If the amount of effortIt takes for me to rise and shower,Or … Continue reading The Gods Must Be Crazy