Celebrate the beginning of the journey. Do not wait until the end to rejoice. To prepare oneself and exit one’s comfort zone is an incredible feat. It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one footstep; celebrate that step. It is the initiation for the process of growing into a better, … Continue reading Celebrate!


What does it mean to create? To translate mental vision into tangible evidence of existence? To pluck from thin air a new paradigm? I cannot say. I do not fully understand what it means to create, or what creation is. Perhaps creation is a state of awareness. Then to create would mean to mold and … Continue reading Create

Relationship with God

I do not know if god(s) exist. I have little desire to find out. If any are out there, the relationship between this god and I is as estranged parent to child. But who's to say this god is a creator one? What if the only god is one of destruction, of erasure, of endings? … Continue reading Relationship with God