Published Writing


“Portable Magic” – CommuterLit
“To Pieces” – Burning House Press
“The Trees Were Once People” – Permission to Write, June ’17
“May the Knife” (from Popular Television) – Black Magnolias Literary JournalVol. 6, No. 3
“Untitled (My Banshee Girlfriend)” – 140 and Counting
“Pass the Cheese Puffs” (from Popular Television) – ZOUCH Magazine
“Becoming Historic” (from print version of Stranger Than Speculative Fiction, Vol. 1) – Black Magnolias Literary Journal, Vol. 5, No. 3
“Two Souls: A Love Story” (from print version of Stranger Than Speculative Fiction, Vol. 2) – Hogglepot Journal
“Invaluable” and “Fear of Flying” (both from Popular Television) – Pen 10 Scribes Anthology


“Shower Time” – Skelter 2019

“Children’s Song” and “Rhythm + Blues” – Burning House Press

5 Poems – Charm City Stories 2019

“The Shape of Brooklyn” – The Deaf Poets Society

“We Who Die Before We Mourn” – Auburn Avenue

“Integrating Baltimore Public Schools, circa 1960s” – MelaNation, issue 3

“The Thing Shaped Like Me” (from King of Soil) – The Baltimore Beat

“One Day” – The Northridge Review, spring 2017

“Don’t Touch Me” (from King of Soil) – Queer Indigenous Girl, issue 5
“Winter” and “The Greatest You On Earth” – The Light Ekphrastic (Baltimore Ekphrasis Project)

“Our Stories” – TimBookTu (Summer 2014)

“Shaving Cream” – Lucidity Poetry Journal, Winter 2011 issue (2nd place winner in Cash Awards Category)

“Moon Stones” (from To Woman, From Man: Love Poems) – Ms. Kia’s Way, Love Poetry, Vol. 1

“Engagement Ring” – Coffee Table Poetry

“Stone Mind” – Moments of the Soul Anthology

“Sound of the Sun” (from To Woman, From Man: Love Poems) – Coffee Table Poetry


“Black Mental Health Care Needs More Than Therapy” – Black Youth Project

“Writing Through Pain Isn’t Always Healing” – Permission to Write