Relationship with God

I do not know if god(s) exist. I have little desire to find out. If any are out there, the relationship between this god and I is as estranged parent to child. But who's to say this god is a creator one? What if the only god is one of destruction, of erasure, of endings? … Continue reading Relationship with God

Something Broke

Something broke within you. It is OK to admit this. You are no less expensive because you are cracked in certain areas. To be shattered - is your whole now hollow? Or are the shards of you jagged edges? How does your frailty manifest? Oh you silly precious thing; why do you continue to break … Continue reading Something Broke

Free Draw 001

Free Draw 001 Greetings and salutations! The image is a new doodle I made. It first appeared on Patreon. More of my drawings appear in my doodle zine. Consider support my drawings (and writing) by becoming a patron or buying my doodle zine. Thanks for visiting!