Something Broke

Something broke within you. It is OK to admit this. You are no less expensive because you are cracked in certain areas. To be shattered - is your whole now hollow? Or are the shards of you jagged edges? How does your frailty manifest? Oh you silly precious thing; why do you continue to break … Continue reading Something Broke

Relic of the Mountain

On her neck, a sliced bone, relic of an old god. A gift from her uncle before he marched into the mountains and down the gullet of the world. He had bent down to her level to pat her hair; his hand, the size of a wagon, encased her entire head. She felt six fingers … Continue reading Relic of the Mountain

The Easy Way

When taking the easy way, we place our goals and dreams high up where we cannot reach them. There are stools and ladders, tools, that can help us go higher. But who has time to search for them? It is easier to walk away, hurting our necks by looking behind us at our dream, until … Continue reading The Easy Way